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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ohio Tea Party founding member singled out by IRS

Justin Binik-Thomas is one of the catalysts that helped to blaze a trail in Cincinnati, Ohio for the city’s Tea Party group.  Binik-Thomas’ influence, promotions know-how, and amazing organizational skills, alongside other core members, has created something of a legacy of tax-day rallies and empowered citizens.  Those who have become a part of this determined movement of like-minded citizens persistently work together to boldly approach DC about fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets in an age when the US constitution is under a vicious assault, and American freedoms are becoming a kind of 21 century battleground.  Binik-Thomas, a political conservative and Jew is now being singled out by the IRS, apparently because of his love for America and desire to take a stand for the sake of its future.  To read his story, please click here.

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