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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dem presidential candidate says Obama’s actions ‘rotten through and through’

At a time when gas prices seem to be surging out of control and the threat of a major regional war in the Middle East looms, Democrat presidential incumbent Randall Terry has some rather stinging thoughts regarding voters allowing a second term for Obama.  The Christian Newswire reported that Terry made the following statement last Thursday:

“Today President Obama has demonstrated he is willing to side with known Islamic terrorists on one side, and abuse FBI power on the other, clearly for the sake of his re-election.
If the reports are true -- that the U.S. is offering hi-tech weaponry to Israel in exchange for their commitment not to attack Iran until after the U.S. election -- then Obama is putting Israeli and US security behind his re-election campaign. Such a trade would border on treasonous.
In the mid-1930s, then British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin knew that the Germans were arming for war, but rather than alert the British populace to the danger and begin arming, he choose silence, inaction, and the status quo with Germany. He confessed to parliament -- and his confession caused him to lose his post as Prime Minister -- that he did not attempt to keep parity with Germany when he should have, because there was an election before them, and he did not want the Conservatives to lose power. In other words, he put his retention of power ahead of England's and Europe's security.

Baldwin's confession led to his loss of the Premiership; but far worse, his actions -- or rather his lack of timely action -- gave Hitler the time he needed to get air superiority, as well as tank superiority -- which enabled Hitler to conquer most of Europe.
Like Baldwin before him, Obama appears to be appeasing those who are committed to Israel's and our destruction, and giving them more time to build weapons that could be used to murder millions of people. In the light of history, Obama's actions are deplorable.
Concerning his use of the FBI to protect radicals from the NYPD's Counterterrorism Bureau, his actions are a sickening cross between political correctness and federal intrusion into local law enforcement prerogatives.

I must give Barack Hussein Obama credit for being true to his convictions.  His mentors, his father, and his own writing describe the United States of America as a colonial usurper that deserves to be put in its place.  Apologizing for America, abandoning Israel (until it becomes politically damaging) and now turning our country's counter-terrorist forces against each other; these actions are consistent and informative.”

 Terry finished by making a subtle reference to a Bible verse found in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 7 verse 17: “We must judge this man by the fruit of his actions; the fruit is rotten through and through.”

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