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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conservatives encouraged to demand Cameron’s new movie, Monumental

If anyone knows about grassroots movements, conservative groups such as Tea Partiers and 912ers do. Apparently, Kirk Cameron knows a little about it himself. All the attention he has been getting lately because of being cornered regarding his views on homosexuality and gay marriage has not done damage to the debut of Monumental. In fact, it may actually be helping. The movie was shown in more than 500 theaters nationwide on Tuesday, according to CBN.

Monumental is the kind of movie that should have great appeal to not only Conservative grassroots groups, but also to those who consider themselves to be Christian. Not only does this documentary highlight the Christian foundation of America and the work of America’s forefathers, but according to a review at Crown Rights Media , Monumental is a, “truly Gospel centered film that left you educated and encouraged in the work of God.” In addition, for those who have a love for the arts or consider themselves to be artists, the review notes that it also inspires the viewer as an artist.

For those who are interested to see the film, the theaters that are showing it are noted at Monumental Movie Theater Listings. And if those who visit the site find that there isn’t a theater in their area that is showing the film, there is a link to demand that it be brought to their area.

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